Jordan A,

My wife and I got married at a private vineyard in Napa a couple of weeks ago, and Boutique DJs provided us with the most amazing DJ, Mikey, to spin for us. Two weeks later, and people are still telling me how awesome the music was.

My wife and I have a broad, eclectic musical taste, and we wanted to allow a lot of creative room for DJ Mikey so he could work his magic. We provided a few key songs, but basically told him he had a lot of freedom to live-mix, do mashups– whatever fit within our taste, which is a lot.

He mixed old and new stuff, avoiding the same old lousy house music most others would play, and had the guests on their feet and loving it.

Cocktail hour music was especially great, again mixing old and new, with a lot of loungey international music, and it was truly fun.

Mikey then sent us the list of songs (of everything he played) so we could re-create it at home!

Thanks to Boutique DJs and DJ Mikey for making our wedding super-fun!