Vanessa C.

We booked Boutique DJs as a recommendation from our wedding planner. Specially Josh Dukes, one of the owners/founders was our DJ. When selecting the DJ, we were impressed by how professional Josh was. He was able to share with us previous playlists, and we really liked his style. Before the wedding, you fill out music planning form online, which you can save, and go back to and make edits. A week or so before the wedding, we had several communications with Josh so we can make sure that everything was prepared for the wedding.

The music was perfect, both for the ceremony and for the reception. We had our officiant use a lapel mic, and I used a handheld. Sound quality was great even though our venue was outside, and close to a busy street during the day. After the reception, Josh came to congratulate us. Since we hadn’t met him in person yet, this was the first time we had seen him — Josh was wearing a suit and I actually thought he was one our guest’s guest. So fancy!

We’re were complimented on how much fun our guests had on the the dance floor. Josh was very accommodating to fit our wide range of style / song choices, lengths, and even helped fit in a special dance. The mixing between songs was flawless. Even after the wedding, our guests had “Return of the Mack” on replay.

Thank you so much Josh for the beautiful music. It was such a special day, and we couldn’t have done it without you.