Tips & Tricks


In this day and age people seem to be following the trend of the non-traditional wedding. Not to say some important traditions have been kept alive, but people are wanting to customize their weddings to their personalities. Even the music selections have drastically changed with the days of the chicken dance and the electric slide far behind us.

In with the new:
Doing your first dance right after you make your grand entrance into the reception. You have your guests full attention as they stand at their seats and its early enough in the day where everyone is still “fresh”.

Out with the old:
Novelty Dances: They might be necessary if a dj can’t figure out how to read a crowd and needs group dancing to rescue the night.

In with the new:
Group all of your special events through the course of your big day such as the cake cutting with the bouquet and garter toss, etc. Every time you stop the dance floor once it gets started, it takes precious minutes off the time of your wedding to get things going again.

Out with the old:
Giant cakes..I mean we still see a good share of them but serving elegant cupcakes accompanied by a candy bar is pretty cool in our book. And you’ll probably save a couple bucks.

In with the new:
Broadcasting your wedding live. Grandma can’t make it? Uncle Joe is sick? Why not have your wedding transmitted on the internet for those that can’t join you.

Out with the old:
Full sit down dinners. More and more we are seeing food set up buffet style readily available for guests as they enter the reception to eat at their leisure. This creates more of a relaxed environment where guests aren’t confined to their chair for half the wedding and can dance, eat, drink, talk, or whatever they choose with minor breaks for the important stuff.


Here are some tricks we’ve noticed over the years to help make your wedding a success.

  • Make sure the bar is close to where your guests will be dancing
  • The more the bride and groom are on the dance floor, the more your guests will be
  • Try to keep the dancing area as dark as possible when the time for dancing comes. You will need to lighten it up a bit in the beginning for the photographers but when they are done..lights down!
  • Be careful when adding last minute toasts or speeches..
  • Guests love slideshows at weddings..just not an hour long
  • Ask grandma what she danced to at her wedding..always a sweet gesture to add that song to your list of must plays.